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KlassRoom is an EdTech startup founded by Dhruv Javeri, Dhumil Javeri and Alka Javeri. Started in 2016, Klassroom has a large partner network of brick and mortar centres across Mumbai and Delhi. Klassroom differentiates itself in the industry with focus on solving fundamental problems of the education ecosystem such as affordability, accessibility, accountability, and flexibility. It is a perfect fit for Growth Sense portfolio as we try to identify start-ups which are addressing real pain areas while balancing innovation and reality. Klassroom has its unique blend of offerings with right balance between online and offline education. Additionally, it is addressing a large untapped market with affordable pricing without any compromise on value.


Tarrakki is a comprehensive wealth management platform founded by Saumya Shah. Started in 2018, Tarrakki is providing and managing diversified investment opportunities including mutual funds, equity advisory, and various alternate investments. It also provides a Mutual Fund investment-linked debit card for convenience and ease of fund usage for the user. Tarrakki also builds the infrastructure that is used by other BFSIs and Fintechs to instantly add wealth as an offering on their platform via its open API or white-labeled solution. It is a perfect fit for the Growth Sense portfolio as we try to identify start-ups that are addressing real pain areas while balancing innovation and reality.


Homversity is India’s largest hostel booking platform for students. It is founded by Saurav Kumar Sinha, and supported by Varun Gajjar. Majority of universities and colleges in India lack in campus accommodation. Due to which, students and parents are facing challenges in finding appropriate hostel outside the campus. Homversity is planning to address this challenge with a technology platform and organizing this industry by creating a digital marketplace and ecosystem for searching and booking hostels. It is a perfect fit for Growth Sense portfolio as we try to identify start-ups which are addressing real pain areas while balancing innovation in product offering and reality.


Deciwood is a made-in-India consumer electronics company, manufacturing wooden-based speakers. With couple of differentiators like better audio quality, especially while playing loud music and eco-friendly wooden base, with prices comparable to plastic base speakers; Deciwood is in a position to lead the market. Deciwood is co-founded by Ananya Meena, and Karan Shukla. It is a perfect fit for Growth Sense portfolio as we try to identify start-ups which has potential to gain significant market share with visible and sustainable differentiators.


Innoserv is a company engaged in digital media business. Incorporated in 2013; currently it manages 3 independent digital marketing agencies and 4 community platforms for professionals in healthcare, academia, HR and, Sales & Marketing. The group is systematically managed by team of professional including Gopalakrishnan Ramachandran, Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Rahul Jain, Nimil Tiwari and Ritesh Dhrangdharia. It is a perfect fit for Growth Sense portfolio as we try to identify companies which are providing solutions for fast growing market and are capable to capture significant share with unique product offerings.


Charisma School was founded in October 2021 as an edtech start-up by Aquib Khan and Danish Sheikh with the goal of addressing the worldwide dearth of social skills. Charisma School is a community-focused learning platform geared to assisting you in discovering your most charming self. Learn to charm people wherever you go and meet them, all while creating lasting relationships on the fly. Charisma School is the world’s first social skill development platform that concentrates only on the niche of ‘Charisma Development.’ Charisma School is looking for a new untapped market in the field of ‘charisma development,’ with a unique curriculum designed by the creator on their website. It is an excellent match for the Growth Sense portfolio, since we seek start-ups that solve real-world problems while combining innovation with realism.


PetMojo is one of India’s leading and fastest growing Pet Care Service Aggregators and Community based Platforms. They have achieved a significant brand monopoly in Delhi NCR and have activated 4 key care services namely, exercise and walking, training, grooming and boarding. They have developed a curriculum with internationally acclaimed techniques to understand animal behaviour to match the needs of India’s pet parents, fostering a strong and healthy relationship between the parent and their pet for life. In just 9 months, PetMojo has become a trusted, end to end care provider to a community of 20,000 pet parents. All the services are powered by the mobile app which allows daily monitoring and tracking of their pet’s performance and healthcare needs, giving parents a dependable platform to integrate with their lifestyle with utmost convenience. Their partner app ensures doorstep, certified quality training and is enabled with automated wallet payments to support the livelihood of 1000+ onboarded partners.
At Growth Sense, we are convinced that PetMojo’s scientific intelligence and empathy backed approach to the pet care services in India is bringing a true revolution in a market that has been unorganized and fragmented for decades and has the potential to become the Best Petcare services platforms in India very soon.

Target Peak

Target PEAK founded by Dr. Praveen Bansal and Manisha Bansal as an EdTech platform aimed at students from low-profile institutions, which account for more than 90% of total students. It provides curated course curriculum and tests that help students to pass scholarship exams, crack professional entrance exams and make strong foundation for government job exams. It is an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio, since we look for start-ups that tackle real-world challenges while balancing novelty and real needs.


ISN is a dedicated online media platform founded by Deepak Chauhan, that caters to end-to-end coverage of the startup ecosystem. It is providing a news service, delivering comprehensive insights into the Indian startup ecosystems, with focus on underrepresented sectors and startups, facilitating community engagement, and offering readers an interactive platform to stay informed and connected. ISN’s product, NagadPaisa, addresses a critical challenge in the startup journey by streamlining the process of connecting startups with potential investors. With a focus on both product and service, Indian Startup News caters to the needs of individual readers and businesses, creating a more inclusive and beneficial experience for all participants in the Indian startup ecosystem. It is a right fit for Growth Sense portfolio as it will help in one of the most important need of our other portfolio companies and startups in general.


INVIDATA is the result of out-of-the-box thinking and one decade of research in the cyber security domain by Dr. Dilip Rai. In a nut-shell, the technology is a combination of making any data file invisible and modifying metadata to ZERO bytes, which practically makes any computer data non-hackable, non-accessible, non-copiable and non-transferrable. This could be the highest possible protection available as on date. With potential applications in almost every industry and professional organizations, we foresee INVIDATA to become integral part of everything which relates to data. To get some idea about market size; we can confidently say that, like an antivirus solutions, it has potential to be part of every computer system. At Growth Sense, we see this as moon shot opportunity for our portfolio.


iSkillBox was founded by Ritesh D, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for transforming digital education. iSkillBox is evident as the platform offers personalized learning experiences for India Inc. The SaaS platform gives easy access to curated Digital Libraries, making learning cost-efficient for both individuals and businesses. What makes iSkillBox a perfect match for the Growth Sense portfolio integrating an AI recommendation engine, guiding users towards effective career pathways based on market demand and future opportunities. iSkillBox's innovation embodies the kind of startups we seek in our Growth Sense portfolio.


TransBnk, founded by Vaibhav Tambe, is not just a transaction banking platform; it's a transformative solution for the complete lifecycle management of business transactions. In an era where B2C transactions have seen innovation reducing cash cycles, the challenges in Transaction Banking and B2B Payment Automations persist. TransBnk, a cutting-edge Transaction Banking platform plays a pivotal role in managing the complete lifecycle of business transactions. TransBnk, with its focus on solving these issues, leverages a wealth of domain expertise accumulated over 60+ years in Transaction Banking. TransBnk's innovative approach to solving transactional challenges, coupled with 60+ years of cumulative expertise in Transaction Banking, makes it an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Founded by Kushal Pratap Singh Rathore and Chintan Lodha, Footrax stands out as a unique player in the field, offering data analytics for sports through wearable tracking solutions. Its broad appeal extends to the masses, school kids, academies, and leisure-focused amateurs, providing valuable insights and self-paced learning modules. This innovative approach, combining technology with sports analytics, positions Footrax as an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Founded by Shivansh Agarwal, YOLO is a pre-seed stage startup making waves in the fintech space. With a focused aim of creating a comprehensive payments and investing solution for the age group of 11-27, YOLO stands out as a trailblazer in India's financial technology landscape. As the country's first premium community tech membership platform, YOLO combines online and offline digital payment options tailored for Gen-Z. YOLO's mission, centered around providing unparalleled savings, convenience, and enhancing brand and merchant retention rates, positions it as an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Founded by Saurabh Mangrulkar & Rakhi Pal, EventBeep emerges as a Next-Gen student community platform, redefining the learning experience and campus life. Offering a high-quality learning ecosystem coupled with an innovative platform, EventBeep transforms education into an effortless and enjoyable journey for students. This innovative and student-centric approach positions EventBeep as an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Tulua Founded by Richy Dave, Tulua stands as India's premier 100% clean label spice and masala brand, committed to delivering the authentic flavors of India. Offering an extensive range of products, from ready-to-cook pastes to ground spices, whole spices, and blended spices, Tulua is positioned as a trailblazer in the culinary space. This commitment to quality, authenticity, and a diverse product range makes Tulua an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Humsafer Founded by Jehaan Kotwal, HumSafer is a game-changing asset-light solution designed for commercial vehicle drivers, leveraging AI to reduce road accidents. This driver-centric mobile solution collaborates closely with fleet owners, offering a unique approach to tracking driver performance and providing tools for driver grading. HumSafer's innovative use of technology to enhance road safety and driver accountability positions it as an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Atreya Founded by Aniruddha Joshi, Atreya Innovations stands out as a healthcare tech startup with a strong focus on holistic wellness. Recognizing that true wellness extends beyond mere nutrition and exercise, Atreya Innovations employs data-driven AI algorithms and a combination of modern and traditional healthcare methods to elevate personalized diagnosis and recommendations. The flagship product, Nadi Tarangini, is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation, providing Ayurvedic doctors with comprehensive Nadi reports for enhanced diagnosis. With an upcoming wellness product currently in closed alpha trials, Atreya Innovations demonstrates its dedication to staying at the forefront of healthcare innovation. This holistic and forward-thinking approach aligns seamlessly with the Growth Sense portfolio's vision of supporting startups that address real-world challenges with innovative solutions while showing significant growth potential.


Bulkpe Founded by Saurabh Bhatnagar, Sathyanarayanan P, Harish Karthik and Jai Venkatesh. Bulkpe is leading the charge in transforming MSME banking through a groundbreaking partnership with multiple banks. Redefining convenience, Bulkpe introduces the nation's first fully digital current account opening for MSMEs, mirroring the user-friendly approach of UPI for P2P transactions. Going beyond traditional banking, Bulkpe integrates various byproducts into its current account offering, including bulk payouts, QR solutions, and petty cash management.
In the era of India's accelerating digital adoption, Bulkpe not only addresses critical needs for MSMEs but also contributes significantly to the country's fintech growth while championing a cashless economy. This strategic alignment with the evolving landscape of finance makes Bulkpe an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


Bizpay Founded by CA Mikdad Merchant, BizPay is a FinTech trailblazer, disrupting the landscape with its innovative expense management solutions. Leveraging corporate cards, digital wallets, and cutting-edge software, BizPay introduces a new era of financial control, visibility, and budget tracking for businesses. What sets BizPay apart is not just its financial tools but its commitment to revolutionizing how businesses approach spending.
BizPay's strategic focus on untapped markets and forging key partnerships makes it an ideal fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.


IndusUno Founded by Sai Madhur Vutukuri, IndusUno is leading the charge in transforming industrial procurement through its innovative B2B platform. Focused on optimizing the entire industrial procurement process, IndusUno aims to establish itself as a major player in the industrial e-commerce landscape by providing tailored solutions for its clients. Notably, the platform excels in serving large and medium-sized industrial customers, boasting impressive revenue growth and profitability.
IndusUno's strategic vision and proven success in industrial optimization make it a standout fit for the Growth Sense portfolio.

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